Dc Vacuum Pump

-Micro-pump is powered miniature DC electric motor drive, drive internal mechanical eccentric eccentric motion, driven by an eccentric motion inside the diaphragm reciprocates. Whereby the pump chamber fixed volume of surroundings compression (compression suction interface is shut, the exhaust slot is created to open slightly positive pressure), stretching (compressed exhaust port is closed, a negative pressure sucking mouth open), the pumping surroundings intakes with the outside atmospheric pressure difference, at a pressure difference, the gas pressure (suction) in to the pump chamber, and discharged from the exhaust port.
-Micro-pump is Dc Vacuum Pump principally used for medicine, gas analysis sampling, instrumentation and other fields. Completely maintenance-free, and no oil pump, usually do not pollute the transmission medium.
-Small, stable and dependable, hand-held instrument for pump-priming, low noise, low power consumption. Especially -appropriate for high unfavorable environmental requirements.


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