Power Lock

By restricting airflow between vehicles, the fans may continue steadily to operate while decreasing dryer electric motor horsepower by more than 50 percent-truly an automobile wash power saver
The PowerLock air valve can conserve to thirty percent on both peak billing charges and on overall electricity use from your car wash dryers
Reduces harmful noise frequencies by 3-5dB when engaged, creating less dangerous environment conditions
Engages to eliminate airflow when drying an open-bed pickup, stopping dirty drinking water and debris from currently being blown out from the bed onto another vehicle or into the bay or dryer nozzle
Programmable to turn off for soft-top convertibles
Ideal for both fresh sites and updating tools, with fast and simple installation for minimal downtime
· Can be suited to any MacNeil Tech 21 dryer, or most other manufacturer’s car rinse dryers using the retrofit adapter
· All-aluminum construction
· Stainless steel and UHMW glide surfaces
· Incorporates noise reduction materials
The POWER TRIPLE LOCK connector system offers powerful with an operating design. From the Ever-Power, snag-resistant latch to the countless other added customer benefits, this connector system is created for power and transmission applications and will be offering 3-in-1 reliability, meaning it locks in three ways. The cap (or header) and plug latch along. The CPA (Connector Placement Assurance) unit locks the cap (or header) and plug collectively. The TPA (Terminal Placement Assurance) machine helps assure terminals are fully seated and remain that way.

Permits easy attachment of shaft to hub without money and time spent on machining or perhaps extra assembly labour.
Provides solid interconnection between the hub and the shaft by utilizing a keyless mechanical interference fit to transmit torque or perhaps withstand axial thrust.
The pressure created through the mechanical interference expands the Power-Lock to eradicate the gap between your hub and the shaft; the friction bond between your Power-Lock and the shaft/hub make a zero backlash interconnection.
Easy installation also allows the hub to always be positioned more accurately in the shaft, and may facilitate angular timing of the hub.
Power-Locks can be utilized in such prevalent applications as the connection of timing pulleys, sheaves, conveyor pulleys, indexing applications, sprockets, gears, cams, levers, motors and hydraulics, clutches and brakes and flange couplings.
PowerLock connectors are plastic material bodied sole pole connectors for make use of in high ability, low voltage applications. With current ratings of either 400amp or 660amp, the connectors will be keyed to prevent connections with the incorrect line, and color coded to meet up various international 3 period electrical standards. Body types consist of those for panel installation or for fitting to an array of copper cables up to 300mm². A selection of add-ons and network connection gadgets can be found to enhance the number.
Power Lock external locking mechanisms are easy to use-even in low temperatures so when wearing gloves
in. foam hold and a wide, padded wrist loop guarantee a relaxed and secure hold; cork knob unscrews to produce a monopod camera mount
Small-diameter trekking basket helps keep the carbide suggestion from sinking into soft dirt and sand
3-section shaft reaches 55 in. and collapses to 27 in.
The PowerLock is a lightweight, money-saving air valve that reduces energy use by preventing airflow between vehicles and minimizing peak load charges. It reduces noise levels, and when equipped with automatic-sensing technology, it could either delay or remove drying for pick-up beds or soft-leading Power Lock convertibles. The PowerLock atmosphere valve car wash electricity saver puts additional money back your pocket while creating a quieter and safer environment in your tunnel.


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