worm gear set

Our worm gear models cover a wide selection of applications. We demonstrate our years of encounter and higher level of capability by producing more than 1 million worm gear models every year in-house, the majority of which are manufactured according to custom specs.
Our catalog of worm equipment sets good standard have diameters which range from 20 to 135 mm and axial distances of 17 to 80 mm. In addition, we offer custom worm gear pieces with diameters as high as 300 mm and center distances as high as 210 mm.
The catalog of worm gear sets can generally be supplied (from our) warehouse in a broad collection of axial distances and gear ratios with fine degrees of differentiation. We are able to also calculate and generate customer-particular axial distances and equipment ratios at the plant. We prefer to produce worm gear units for right-handed users, but these units can be designed for left-handed users on ask for.
We perform all major soft and hard machining methods in-house, worm gear set china including annealing inside our own ovens. Thanks to extensive production depth, we’re able to execute, also highly complicated, machining tasks precisely according to customer goals and in the highest quality. Learn more about it here.


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